New EXTREME plans powered byㅤAMD Ryzen 5950X (16c 32t)!

your normal host, but with a dozen cherries on top.

Another High-End host, but we're cool though.

Striving to be the affordable and reputable option, with customer experience being our main priority, we're the host of my our dreams.

Our services

Affordable Prices with High-End Quality for our clients? Yes.


Minecraft Servers

Searching for hosting for your Minecraft Server? Check out our Minecraft Server hosting which are powered by high-end chips, intuitive & powerful game panel, to provide the ultimate high-end Minecraft hosting experience, starting at $1.50/GB

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Dedicated Servers

Your own dedicated server, with Raw performance. Our range of plans can suit your needs from 32GB to 128GB RAM, w/enterprise DDoS Protection. Coming Soon

Coming Soon

SaaS Hosting

Host your favourite SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) on your favourite host! Softwares include haste-servers, Gitea, code-server, NextCloud, and more! (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon

20 clients have shared their experience with our hosting, with an average rating of 4.6! impressive, we know.

Perfection. They are amazing. Their support team is ALWAYS there and they respond very quickly if you create a ticket in their discord. The server performance is very good, and most importantly the prices are on of the best deals you will find. Definately recommend it.”


“This is the best hosting according to their pricing. Their nodes never lag. They don't over-allocate. I have been using this hosting for about a month now and I don't have any complaint till now. I recommend this hosting.”

Advait - Owner of Skynerd Network

The support is fast!. The support is fast and extremely helpful, unlike other sites where you have to wait for a response in 2 days, these guys respond immediately and go the distance to help you out.”


Why choose us

We believe we offer more than others in the market! Don't believe us? Read below.

Affordable Prices

Our hosting has one of the affordable prices out there at $1.25/GB for the services we provide! (Compared to similar competitors in the market.)

Transparent Nodes

We're all familiar with hostings that oversell their nodes. No oversold nodes, only high-end performance for you.

Priority Support

Our support has some of the fastest support available out there. Most of the time your questions on Discord will be replied under a few minutes! You can also contact us by email at [email protected], generally will be replied under 8 hours.

99% Uptime

Our game nodes generally have 100% uptime, but including maintenances, etc, we promise you a 99% uptime guarantee!

DDoS Mitigation

Regardless of size or type of attack, and at no extra cost, our DDoS protection powered by Path or our upstream provider's DDoS protection, ensures your server remains accessible at any time!

Need a custom solution/plan? We got you covered.

Need a custom plan? We've got you covered, just reach out on our discord, or email [email protected] We specialise in custom solutions.